Special Things to Do for Kids in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire is one of those counties in the UK where there is always something going on. As a vacationer here with your family you are going to want to check out the man92697-640x360-southbank-centre-fountain-640y different activities and events that are geared for kids, specifically. By doing so this is going to create some wonderful memories for them for many years to come when they reflect back on the time that they have spent in Northamptonshire. Following are a few suggestions selected by the staff of this website: while in no way a complete list, they are certainly sought for and well loved by children from the area and visitors alike!

Depending on the age of your children, you may want to check out the Spy Missions Action Centre that has several location scattered throughout Northamptonshire. This is something that is going to burn their energy while creating some intriguing excitement.

While here you may also find that there are a few farms that are open to the public to allow the children to visit and experience what life in the countryside is like in this region. Here, they will get to see some of the most common animals to be found – it is an ideal way to pass the day.

If you are willing to travel a little further than you had anticipated you will again find a large selection of children’s activities to enjoy. It may mean going to the border of Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire where you will find the Santa Pod Raceway. This is an ideal venue for kids that are into drag racing – it features races of all different types of vehicles.

One more venue to enjoy in the region of Northamptonshire is the Jungle Park in Irchester. Here is where the kids get to let loose and go along courses that include swings: the atmosphere will definitely be reminiscent of a jungle setting.