Not to Miss Towns Around Northamptonshire

During your stay in N2889656_7742ee89orthamptonshire be sure to keep enough time aside to explore some of the wonderful towns that are scattered throughout the county. Each of them will offer you their own adventures and add to the memories of your stay.

While Northampton is the largest city in the region, you may also want to visit some of the following…


Kettering is a great part of the history for which Northamptonshire is noted for: the town is noted is the development of the boot and shoe industry. Something else that Kettering can boast about is its low unemployment rate, being hailed as the lowest throughout the UK – a lively city, with a lovely town centre.


Nearby Corby itself there are some delightful villages to roam about such as Weldon, Rockingham, and Cottingham, just to name a few. It’s recommended to hire a car, should you not have your own, to visit all of them and maybe stop at a local pub for your lunch or dinner.


Formally known as a market town, this medieval settlement went through a major redevelopment in the 1970s.


Rushden is considered to be the fifth largest town in the region, although its surface is only 9,000 acres. This town also thrived on the boot and shoe industry but also featured other industries like lacemaking. It’s also home to a thriving farming industry.


This is a town that truly shows a mix of old with the new. The market itself that is well aged is encompassed with modern version housing. Starting in the 1960s, the town has gone under a major redevelopment and has continued to grow since then.

These are just few examples of the wonderful towns that you may want to see. Be sure when you are there visiting that you take in each of their very own special landmarks.