Historical Houses to Enjoy in Northamptonshire

Keeping yourself busy while visiting Northamptonshire is certainly not going to be a problem as there is an abundance of things to see and do. It is always nice to learn a little about the history of the places that you may be passing through. In order to do this while in Northamptonshire, you may want to check out some of the absolutely beautiful historical houses that can be found throughout this region.

A Travel Back to 1514

Going back in time will be easy when you pay a visit to Deene Park. This stunning estate in Northamptonshire has been home to the Brudenell family since 1514. Going back further, the mansion served as the accommodation for the Earls of Cardigan. As a visitor here, you will get to enjoy the history of it as you wander through the various rooms of the home as well as its grounds.

Apethorpe Palace 1543

If you have children with you then taking them to a palace will be an absolute must. One of the best choices that will surely please them is the Apethorpe Palace. The architectural components of this palace are breathtaking and will certainly impress even the youngest visitors.

The Rooms That Henry VIII Once Walked

In 1544 Henry VIchristchurch-lowresII originally leased the castle to the Watson family who later purchased it. A tour through this castle is going to keep you intrigued and show you the different eras of English life as a nobleman, when you get to enjoy a showcase of fine arts from the 16th century onwards.

These are just three of many examples of the amazing historical buildings that can be found in this region. They are well worth visiting because these are experiences you will want to share with others when you return home. It is also a wonderful way to educate yourself and your family.