Five Interesting Walks in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire is a somewhat rural county, with even the largest city quite small by English standards. There is plenty of greenery and countryside, making it a perfect spot to do some English country walks.

  • One of the top picks is the Brixforth walk which is 19 kilometres long and passes through the small villages of Brixforth, Cottesbrooke, Hollowell and Creaton. The walk goes through cultivated farmland and there are a few cute pubs along the way. Cottesbrooke Gardens can be visited along the route.oldies-walking-1
  • Another option is a 13 kilometre circular one around Whilton. There are plenty of paths and tracks to explore in canal territory with scenic cottages and a small church in the village.
  • The easiest of the lot is an 11 kilometre flat walk around the town of Northampton. There is a nature reserve near Duston Mill Reservoir where one can sometimes see otters. It is an ideal route for beginners.
  • Further choices include a 16 kilometre walk which goes through the countryside near Castle Ashby Gardens. There is a small craft village along the way as well as tea rooms. The castle dates back to the 1000s and is still in good condition.
  • The last one to make it to the list is a more challenging 10 kilometre one, which allows the option of an easy return to the start point if one decided to take a much shorter option.

The walk is near Winwick Church and enters canal land. Walkers will then climb a fairly steep incline which will offer a fantastic reward in terms of the views from the top of the hill looking down over Northampton.

An old chapel that walkers may wish to stop at for a rest and to admire the simple yet beautiful architecture is also on the way. There are no boring walks in this part of the world. It does not take much to get out and enjoy the walks as all villages are serviced by public transport, so they are really an option for people with disabilities too.