Enjoying the Theatres at Northhamptonshire

During your visit to Northamptonshire there will be many things for you to see and do. One thing that you really want to work into your schedule and perhaps more than ohamlin_theatrence is to visit at least one or two of the fine theatres that can be found in the area. There are several to choose from, and they all have their own eclectic nature about them and uniqueness.

Northamptonshire is well known for its theatre offerings and as such they are able to attract many different high profile touring acts such as comedies, opera, and drama just to name a few. The two most known theatres within North Hampton is the Derngate Theatre and the Royal theatre.

During your stay here you will want to check out what is currently being shown, and when doing so you may want to check out the seating plan so that you have a good idea of what type of tickets you want to purchase.

In addition to these two theatres there are several others that are located in some of the small towns within Northamptonshire county. A good example of this is the Castle Theatre that is found in Wellingborough. While this is not classed as a large theatre, it seats approximately 503 people and has shows running throughout the year.

One of the advantages of fitting in some theatre time during your visit here is that you get to enjoy the type of entertainment that is well received in this part of the UK. You will find that you can choose between concerts or shows, or go for theatre performances, which all offer a different form of wonderful entertainment.

Not only will the adults enjoy the theatre entertainment that is offered, but there are plenty of productions for kids, as well.

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